Sunday, 31 August 2014

Being part of The Dorset Team

Hi there!

This post is another introductory post aiming to explain what being part of the Dorset Team means...

The Dorset Team exists within Etsy.  There are two requirements for being part of the Team: firstly that team members live in Dorset, UK and secondly; that each team member has a shop on Etsy.  (If this isn't making sense, please refer to earlier posts which should answer any questions).

Rachel who runs TheDorothyDays created the Dorset Team and is the captain.  She  runs the team enthusiastically and tirelessly with the help of three leaders; Emma (MardleMade), Sarah (DeliciousBits) and Lynn (Nemeton) and of course lots of team members doing various jobs.  If you want to take a look at their shops and find out a bit more about them (and the rest of the team), please take a look here: 

The Dorset Team is a rich community with shops ranging from prints, jewellery, knitted and crochet clothing, sculpture, patterns, paintings, vintage items and lots in between.  We have shop owners who are very experienced and have their own retail outlets that run alongside their Etsy endeavours, to others who are just starting out and are finding the process a little daunting.  Wherever someone is on that spectrum, we are all learning from each other and meeting people from across the county with similar interests who can provide ideas, support and a friendly face!

Want more?  Being part of the team allows members to be part of themed workshops.  (For example, a recent workshop involved a live group webchat about Search Engine Optimisation (that basically means how to get your items noticed more))  Workshops take place throughout the year and cover a range of topics so you can opt in to ones relevant to you.

The Dorset Team has Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts all promoting Team Members' items.  The Dorset Team page on Etsy also does this by making treasuries with team member items.

There are two craft Fairs planned for this year (more info to come).  The stalls are only open to Dorset Team Members and the aim is for more team fairs in the future.   

We aim to meet once a month and change the location in order to try to suit everyone regarding travel arrangements.  (Info to follow regarding the September meeting).

By being part of the Dorset Team, you are joining a community which is ever growing and developing.  If you're a member, you can have as much or as little input as you'd like into helping to shape the Dorset Team into something which is helpful and inspirational to it's members. 

So if you're not a team member already and you do meet the criteria, what are you waiting for?!


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