Thursday, 4 December 2014

Go big

Christmas fair inspiration tip
Go big

If you have a specific type of product or a very strong brand, don't be afraid to go all-out on your stall.

The example below shows how a table has been transformed into a mini shopfront. It is incredibly eye-catching and no doubt attracts a lot of potential customers.

The beauty is that once you start dissecting how it has been put together, there is nothing too intimidating.

Look at the stall top. While the suitcases are lovely, there isn't anything particularly revolutionary. The genius comes with the simple frame that holds what looks like a curtain rod, which in turns holds the fabric backdrop and string lights.

There is a little bit of room to the left of the stall, so the owner can be seen, but the main focus is all on the products.

To see the original pin, plus view some extra inspiration examples, head on over to here.

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