Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Total Shop Review- Week One

A little plug and an introduction to how the Dorset Team take part in Etsy school modules...

So the first live chat takes place tonight- everyone who is part of the team is welcome to sign up.  We converse using the specific discussion thread labelled something obvious like 'week one Total Shop Review' within the Dorset Team community page on Etsy.

If you're having trouble, just get in touch!  We've all been there, feeling a bit nervous and unsure- be assured that we are a friendly bunch, happy to help!

If you're still not convinced, why not sign up and keep quiet during the chat or even have a look when the chat is over!

There will be a little summary and a chance to comment on how you're getting on here each week, so  why not learn something new, meet new people across the internet and also make your Etsy shop more successful?

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