Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to install a linked blog button for the Christmas Fair

Hello everyone,

The Dorset Team Christmas Fair is quickly approaching so we are working hard to try and get the word out about the event to as many local people as possible!

It has been wonderful to see the creative ways in which everyone has been working together to spread the word about the event.

We are excited to announce we now have our very own social media graphics which can be used to let people know you can coming to the event or selling at the event.

If you are a blogger these can also be used as a 'blog button' on your own blog which links back to the event page (pretty cool hey?!).

Installing this onto your blog is super easy.

How to install a blog button onto your blog for the Christmas Fair
(Please note this is for blogger blogs and may vary if you are using a different platform)

This should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

1) Download the blog graphic by either following the link to our Christmas Fair downloads (click here)  or saving the image directly from this blog post onto your computer (right click and save as or drag and drop onto your desktop)

2) Log into your blog/google account and view your blog homepage (for example the Dorset Team blog's homepage would be 

3) On the top right hand side you will see the tool bar it will say 'New post' 'Design' and 'Sign out'. Click design

4) Then on the far left hand side click Layout. It will then show you the layout of your blog. Decide where you want the blog graphic to go. Most blogs have a right side bar (like our Dorset Team blog) and this is a good place to put the graphic. Click 'Add Gadget'

5) You will now have the option to choose which gadget to have. Find 'Add Image'  and click this.

6) A window (like the one shown below) will open.

Title: Dorset Team Christmas Fair

Caption Blank (but fill in if you wish)

Link (this is the most important bit so that your blog followers know how to find the fair and all it's details).

Please delete the http:// that is already in the box and copy and paste the event page link which is

Image Upload the social media graphic you saved earlier

Click 'Shrink to fit' so it fits into your side bar.

**Click save**

You should now see a beautiful new blog button on your blog which links back to the event page!

Hope this tutorial was useful and thank you for helping us to spread the word about the fair!

If you have included a blog button on your blog we would love to see, please leave your blog link in the comment section below

Dorset Team X

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