Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Total Shop Review - Social Media

Well, it's week 4 - the final week - of our Total Shop Review, and we're looking at "Social Media". Ten years ago, most of us had never heard of Facebook. The likes of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest were just a twinkle in some entrepreneur's eye! Wow, how that's changed!

With so many options out there, have you ever wondered which one works best for you and why? In this ever changing world of Social Media, we'd love to hear your comments and success stories. And why not take 2 minutes to answer a few questions on this Etsy quiz to, it may help you to decide which Social Media options would work best for you and your personality type?

Don't forget you can also find our Dorset Team accounts on Social Media including our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube pages.

Member's posts can be found by searching #DorsetTeam

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