Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Twitter Hour & Treasury Tuesday: Recap from Last Week and Theme Announcements

Hello all! Sorry for not posting this yesterday. I was feeling a bit under the weather and was a little busy so thought I would get it up today before it was too late!

As you all know, last week's Twitter Hour was a general Q&A sort so I will basically just recap a bit of what members who participated talked about so those of us who weren't able to attend or don't have twitter can see what was discussed and hopefully get some great tips from the discussion!

The questions asked and discussed last week were the following:

Q: Is there anything you are struggling with?
Q: What do you think your strengths are in your business?
Q: What do you wish you could get help with?
Q: Anything you're not sure about on Etsy? This is your chance to ask your friendly team!
Q: What do you wish you'd known when you started your Etsy shop?

Sadly, it seems there was not much of a response or participation in last weeks twitter hour so hopefully tonight's will be better attended. In general, responses of wanting help with making more attractive listings and wishing one had known how much hard work Etsy shops are before starting one I think are probably things we can all relate to or have been able to relate to in the past. What are your thoughts on the questions asked? Comments are encouraged and welcome. This blog is here to help us all learn, get to know one another and support each other as we all grow our businesses. Participation is key and helpful to get the word out about each one of our shops.

This week's Twitter Hour theme is Social Media for Your Etsy Shop. If you aren't already on twitter, please do sign up and create an account. When used efficiently twitter can be a great boost to sales and this week's topic is one that you will not want to miss if you feel that you aren't as social media savvy as you'd like to be. Don't forget, the team's twitter handle is @DorsetTeam, tweet all replies with the hashtag #dorsetteam and the Twitter Hour starts at 7:30pm!

Another great way to participate in weekly team events online is by creating a treasury on Etsy for Treasury Tuesday. This week's theme is The Great Outdoors which is why I have featured a photo I took of Langdon Wood right here in Dorset as a title photo for this post. What items in your Etsy shop feature the great outdoors? Why not create a treasury to discover items by team members that feature this? Find the info on how to create a treasury list in the Etsy team forum or ask our lovely Lynn Davy for some pointers!

Hope to see you all tweeting tonight!


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