Saturday, 8 October 2016

Meet the seller - Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Linda from Ndiehs Designs

Name: Linda
Shop Name:Ndiehs Designs
Located in: Poole
Sells: Handmade bags and accessories made from fabric that Linda designed as well as jewellery.

Maker's Story: Linda has always loved making things by hand and picked up her sewing skills from her mother as a little girl. It was however the tragic loss of her baby in December 2013 which made her want to start her own craft business. 

Linda explains..."Being on maternity leave with no baby to nurse was dreadful so I slowly found the strength (which didn't come easily) to 'escape' from the emptiness I felt deep within. While I was pregnant, I had lots of inspiration and made things for my baby (i.e. nappy bag, blanket, beddings, etc.). So one of the ways to find comfort and honour my baby's life was to try and not let the wonderful inspiration die. I carried on sewing and went to craft fairs to get away from it all and face life.

Since then, I have met some wonderful people I network with, they inspire me and I enjoy my craft even more and more.
Right now I'm building my own brand and my hope is not just for it to grow but to touch others out there who may be faced with tragedy/difficulties of all sorts and find it hard to pick themselves up. My message to them is "You can live again and enjoy life, for you're stronger than your obstacles"."

Linda likes making items which are both functional and pretty at the same time. Her items range from cool and calm to bright and bold.

Dorset Team Christmas Fair: Linda will be selling her handmade bags and accessories at the Dorset Team Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd December at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.

Please come along, meet Linda and our other makers and sellers.

Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm and it is free entry.

For more information please see our Facebook event page or blog post

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