Total Shop Review Month

Lots of you have been asking for advice on how to improve your shop or talking about giving your shop a ‘revamp'. So, starting in January we will be running ‘Total Shop Review Month’.

The idea is that as a team we can go through different elements of our shops and look at how we can improve them. This will work similarly to Mentor Month which we have run in the past. Working as a team to do this will keep us all motivated and also mean that we can help one another out and provide each other with feedback and advice.

There will be set themes each week and a new discussion topic will go up in the team forum on this topic with resources and this will be where you can come to discuss your progress, talk about any difficulties you are having, gain advice and help out other team members. There is also a live chat once a week on Tuesday (7.30 - 8.30pm) on Twitter as part of our #DorsetTeam hour where we can talk together as a group.

Schedule for the Month (January):

4th - 10th - Introductions, Networking and Critiques
11th - 17th - SEO, Tags and Titles
18th - 24th - Shop and Product Photography
25th - 31st - Social Media

How will this differ from previous years?

The live chat element of the shop review month will happen on our Twitter chat hour (Tuesdays 7.30 - 8.30pm) rather than in the forum

There will be no formal sign up to the month. We would love for as many of you to join us for the whole month as this will give your shop a total revamp and will cover a wide range of topics. However, if you can only join us for one or two topics that is fine. Please do feel free to dip in and join us for a live chat, post on the topics etc 

Twitter Chat Hour?

The live chat part of the Total Shop Review Month will run on Twitter for our #DorsetTeam hour. 

Each week will have a set theme and we will be tweeting out questions and discussion topics. This is a great way to chat and discuss with other members how your shop review is going, gain tips and advice and participate in the conversation.

How do I participate?
Between 7.30 - 8.30pm each Tuesday if you search #DorsetTeam on Twitter at this time you will be able to see and participate in the discussion. To participate in the discussion you will need to include the hashtag ‘#DorsetTeam’ in your tweet. 

How does a Twitter Hour Work?

I have written a blog post with some information about how to join in a Twitter Hour and some other Twitter basics which you can find here

Don’t have Twitter?
It is super easy to set up an account and this is all you will need to participate in the chat. You can also use the forum to join in with the Total Shop Review Month but will miss out on the Twitter live chat which will be the main part of the programme.

Missed the live chat?
That is okay! You can catch up on the Tweets by searching #DorsetTeam or head to the topic for that week to continue the discussion.

Hope that lots of you will join in! This is a great way to start the year and review your shop.


Please head to the team forum for more information and to view the weekly posts

First live chat will be 5th January.
Hope to see you there!

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