Monday, 19 March 2018

Gift Guide: Jewellery from sellers at the Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018

On Saturday 5th May at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne, the Dorset Team are coming together to hold a Spring Fair. This is the perfect opportunity to buy locally made products from independent sellers. 

There will be something for everyone and every budget! 

This gift guide showcases a small selection of jewellery which will be for sale on the day ranging from leather jewellery to sterling silver. 

More information about the event can be found here:

1) Ring trio by Netta of 68 Charms. 

These rings are made of sterling silver. Perfect for a gift or treat for yourself!

2) Adventure awaits necklace by Jennifer of Gifting Moon

This necklace is made from hand painted wood and Jennifer says it is perfect for “someone who dreams of travel or is going on an adventure soon” 

3) Bumble bee necklace by Zoe from Love from Hetty and Dave

Adorable baby bumble bee necklace made from hand stitched leather by Zoe from Love From Hetty and Dave who is based in Bournemouth. 

4) Ceramic bracelet by Mayuri Gallery 

This eye catching ceramic bead bracelet by Mayuri Gallery is perfect for brightening up an outfit! 

5) Rainbow earrings by Studio Pickles

Studio Pickles which is run by Natalie and Jo has a huge variety of different earrings but I particularly love these rainbow earrings!

Come and find all of these sellers and more at the Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018 which is happening in Wimborne on Saturday 5th May. 

Entry to the fair is FREE 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Diary Of An Etsy Seller Feb 2018

This week our feature is something a bit different. Each month Jennifer from our social media team is going to be sharing some notes from her Etsy diary (or perhaps some other team members if anyone else is willing to give it a go?!). Jennifer runs two different Etsy shops, Happy Scatter for craft supplies, and Gifting Moon for gifts like mugs, coasters, and badges. You can see what kind of things an Etsy seller gets up to, and learn from her successes and failures!

Here she is...

Feb 2018

29/1/18 - 4/2/18:

I had a tough January for personal reasons, but I began February with a renewed sense of purpose and determination!

  • I found this free content calendar via Facebook and started trying to fill it in - I haven't made much use of it yet but it could become useful in the future:
  • I took a look at my visits to orders ratio and found that I had a great conversion rate - my husband had mentioned to me before that I did but I don't think I'd ever really understood what he was talking about! You look at one month's stats, take the number of orders, and divide it by the number of visits. A good figure to get is 2-3%.Mine ranges from 4% - 10% so I must be doing something right! Now to work out how to use this knowledge...

5/2/18 - 11/2/18: 

  • I felt like I was a bit out-of-practise drawing on my ipad as I'd barely used it (for anything except Candy Crush) in January. So I joined in with an Instagram drawing challenge #zoolligraphylettering run by Stacey Thompson  and The Lettering Fern. I drew this Markhor. It was fun to draw something just for the fun of it (I'm usually drawing with specific products in mind). Though of course it might end up on a product one day:

  • I joined in with the #LoveYourShopSweeps Etsy Contest which I found out about via the Dorset Team Members Facebook Group: You had to share 2 photos on Instagram using the hashtag - one photo from your own shop and one highlighting another Etsy shop. For a different shop I shared some earrings by Studio Pickles, another Dorset Team member. It was hard to choose as there are so many great shops in the Dorset Team!
  • Best thing this week - I bought a Silhouette Cameo 3 using a Hobbycraft 20% discount code. I've wanted one for ages to try and make stickers for my Happy Scatter shop. I have a Cricut Explore already, which it is possible to make stickers with, but not the way I want to make them. So I was very excited to get the Silhouette. It arrived on 10/2/18 and I started making stickers right away... well I tried to, but I did have a lot of problems getting the cut lines in the right place, the first ones kept going wonky (see photo below). I worked out a solution in the end, it's a bit fiddly as I have to adjust all the cut lines, but it works!

12/2/18 - 18/2/18:

This week is half term holidays for my 2 kids. I plan to work for a few hours in the morning while they amuse themselves, spend time with them after lunch, then work a bit again after they've gone to bed in the evenings. We'll see how it goes!
  • I spent too much time on Monday looking at suppliers for a new product idea. When I start searching for suppliers online I tend to fall down the browsing rabbit hole, and I don't emerge until hours later with a long shopping list of things I'd love to buy...
  • I got into the swing of things with my sticker cutting - drawing new designs and cutting them straight away. I was having so much fun with it that I danced around the lounge one day singing 'I love making stickers, I love making stickers' to the tune of 'let's all do the conga'. My kids just laughed at me.
  • I had a fun custom order request to draw someone's guinea pig to put on a mug, which I worked on in the evenings this week. 
19/2/18 - 25/2/18:
  • I bought some more procreate brushes for my ipad pro from Ipad lettering, as they had a discount code and I wanted to write some more quotes. This led to a day spent playing around with my new brushes. Sometimes you have to take a bit of time to learn something new, right?!
  • I had a couple of discussions online explaining to newer shop owners about how they should fill their titles with 2-3 word phrases, making sure they use as many of the available characters as possible. It's so important for SEO, to get your shop found on Etsy and it surprises me how many sellers don't realise it.
  • I had 2 orders this week for my new bridesmaids mirrors, which I'd only listed on the 13th of Feb. Yay for finding a new product that works! I checked my stats and it looks like they found me searching for terms like 'bridesmaid gift', 'bridesmaid proposal' and 'compact mirror' so my tags are working too.

What did you get up to in February? Don't forget to let the Dorset Team know about your successes (and failures if you need some advice or comiseration!) via the forum, FB group, or by tagging #DorsetTeam on social media!

See you next Wednesday for another new blog topic.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Announcing stallholders for our Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2018

We are excited to announce the stallholders of our Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2018 which is being held at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December from 10am - 4pm. 

Entry to the fair is FREE 

Our Christmas Fair is a popular event and a great place to come and buy unique gifts directly from local makers and sellers. There will be something from everyone and every budget!

For more information about the event please see our Facebook page:

Hand painted letters by AMA Designs

Print by Bright Idea Studio

Wash bag by Chibi Chi Designs

Vintage drinks tray - F & J Vintage 

Ceramics by Happy You and Mee

Needle Keeper - Kitty Legg 

Bag by Mayuri Gallery

Candle in vintage vessel by Peggy Rae Emporium 

Light box by Satis House Five

Fabric boxes by Sunny Bunny Crafts

Beret by The Woolly Dog

Please put the date in your diary for a fantastic festive weekend!

For more information about the event please see our Facebook page:

Announcing the stallholders of our Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018

We are so excited to announce the stallholders for our Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018 which will be taking place at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne on Saturday 5th May between 10am - 4pm.

Entry to the fair is FREE and there will be a wide range of different handmade, vintage and craft supply products. 

This is a a great way to 'shop small', meet local creatives in person and pick up some unique items and gifts. 

Please find more information including sneak previews from stallholders over on our Facebook page HERE 

Ring by 68 Charms

Backpack by Carara Designs UK

Card by Cinnamon & Lullabies

Vintage jar from F & J Vintage

F & J Vintage / Floss and Jet

Vintage book by Jessica HaPenny 

Handmade soap by May Cottage Goats Milk Soap

Jewellery by Nemeton

Poster by Sarah Lovell

Table SM Designs in Wood

Purse by Ten & Six

The Illustrated World of Lisa Berkshire

Washbag by The Stitchery Dorset
Victoria Martin UK

Earrings by Winged Heart Jewellery

We hope to see you there! Please put the date in your diary: Saturday 5th May

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Social Media Special - Twitter

We are starting some new blog post topics here at the Dorset Team blog. The first Wednesday of each month will be a Social Media Special post - focusing on a different social media each week, and ideas on how to use them!

Our first feature is about Twitter:

How many of you use Twitter? Do you know that we run a Dorset Team Twitter Chat each week?

For those of you who are new to Twitter...

Some Twitter Basics:

  • It's a constantly updating feed of small snippets (or 'tweets') of news or chat - maximum 280 characters long (the limit used to be 140 characters and was increased in Nov 2017)
  • Hashtags play a large part of tweets - helping you find new people to follow, keep up with trending topics, and join in with Twitter chats
  • Twitter chats are scheduled time slots, usually an hour long, when people use the same hashtag to chat together and share each others tweets - it's a great chance to network
  • Tweets can be easily re-tweeted - shared to someone else's twitter profile. So don't share anything on twitter that you wouldn't want other people to possibly share on their feeds
  • You can add photos, videos, html links, and more to your tweets
  • You can search twitter to find people or hashtags - if you want to try it out then go and search #DorsetTeam to see what the team has been sharing lately!
You can see a twitter starting guide here to find out more details:

Your tweets can be business like - sharing new products, behind the scenes, special offers etc, or they can be chatty - what you've been up to, what the weather is like, a recent purchase you are excited about. Reply to other people's tweets and it might turn into a conversation - other people can read it too while you are tweeting, so more people might join in and reply too (you can also send people private messages, as long as they follow you on Twitter).

If you are new to Twitter, or if you haven't used it as much as you should, then jump on and say something right now! Make sure you follow some people and get interacting too. Make sure you include the #DorsetTeam hashtag so we can see your tweet!

Our Twitter hour is Tuesday from 7.30pm - 8.30pm. The Dorset Team Twitter profile ( will post questions to get the chat started, and you can join in as much or as little as you want. Come and say 'hi' next Tuesday!

Next month on the first Wednesday we will be talking about Instagram. If you missed our blog post last week about the March Meet The Maker Instagram challenge then check it out here: 

Next week we will be sharing another new blog topic, check back on Wednesday!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

March Meet The Maker

Have you heard about March Meet The Maker?

This is an annual Instagram event set by Joanne Hawker (Here's her Instagram: It's a 31 day challenge to post photos sharing your creativity! It's for all kinds of crafters, both hobbyists and shop owners, so everyone can join in.

The event began in 2016, and in 2017 there were 80,000 posts with the hashtag! It's a great way to interact with a community of makers from all over the world - gain new followers and find new friends.

You don't have to join in everyday, so pick and choose the days that suit you. There's also a Facebook community group if you need help with ideas for what to do for a prompt:

Don't forget to add the #DorsetTeam hashtag to your posts too so we can see them!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Date for your diary: Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018

The Dorset Team will be heading to Wimborne on Saturday 5th may 2018 for their Dorset Team Spring Fair. 

It is going to be a fantastic day with 60+ local designer-makers, vintage sellers and craft suppliers selling at the event and a great way to 'shop small', meet local creatives in person and pick up some unique items and gifts. 

There will be something for everyone and every budget and a huge range of different products on display.

Dorset Team Spring Fair 2018Saturday 5th May 201810am - 4pmAllendale Centre - WimborneBH21 1AS


You can find more information about our event over on our Facebook page

We hope to see you there!

Please help us to spread the word about the event by inviting anyone to the Facebook page who you think might be interested in coming along. 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Party Time - Dorset Team Christmas Fair 2017 - Etsy Made Local

The Dorset Team's Christmas Fair is the perfect place to find fabulous handmade items to make your festive parties go with a swing!

We'll have over 60 stallholders at the event so this is just a little taster of what will be on offer:
Have fun shopping and enjoy the celebrations too!

More details of the event are on our Facebook page. You can also follow the hashtag #dorsetteam on Twitter and Instagram for updates and sneak peeks.