Friday, 19 September 2014

Pinterest Module

This September, as a team, we are looking at Pinterest. Lizz Parris-Bryant from MidSummerLily has been kind enough to volunteer to organise this for us all! The way we approach these modules is fairly laid back (hopefully!) in order to appeal to everyone. The Dorset Team is large (and fast growing) and it is therefore impossible to pitch the modules to each individual level. This means we have absolute beginners who (to use this month's subject as an example) don't have a Pinterest account at one end of the spectrum and at the other, those who have been a keen pinner for a while, know a substantial amount and gain sales via the Pinterest platform. We 'meet' weekly online; each Tuesday evening from 8pm until 9pm via the Dorset Team thread page (you have to be a member to access this). We started on Tuesday- missed it? It's easy to catch up, why not join in now?! You can be as active in the discussion as you'd like! Think you're a Pinterest Professor?! Join in and help the members who are getting started or need help. I have always found the modules to be a big help and yes, it can be a bit hectic as life tends to get in the way a bit so you may be conducting the chat whilst wrestling children into bed or cooking and eating tea but, it's a great way of getting to know other team members as well as learning something. Hope to see some new faces as well as the week one pinners next week! If you want more information, please comment here or visit the team page: Ruth

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