Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Countdown to Christmas

There is now no denying that Christmas is around the corner and for many crafters, this is when we're hitting full speed ahead in terms of making and selling. With the next Dorset Team Craft Fair three weeks away, it is easy for us to start making furiously but it has been really nice to see some new sellers having the courage to ask for tips and advice and some seasoned sellers readily giving support. In the next few posts, I'll be focusing on what to do in preparation and things to consider. This is in no way meant to scare anyone and will not be a 'tick off' list as some of the ideas won't be relevant to all sellers. But it will be a starting point, hopefully. It would be great if people can comment with their own advice and also say 'Hi' if they're exhibiting! I'm sorry to have formally mentioned Christmas to all of those who are in denial but I do think it is allowed now we're in October. (It certainly wasn't right when I saw that a supermarket was selling mince pies in September, however!) And to all those fully underway with their Christmas makes, Merry Christmas! Ruth

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