Friday, 27 March 2015

Total Shop Review Module

Members of the Dorset Team have completed the Total Shop Review; a module by Etsy for Etsy sellers.

Whilst these modules are set up to work with a partner, the way the Dorset Team run these is via a thread on our Dorset Team page on the Etsy Website.  Each Tuesday, we independently gather over our laptops, tablets etc and have a 'live chat' on the thread.

The topics and workbooks provided by Etsy are always really informative and what is really valuable is getting advice from others in the team.  This time, we critiqued each other's shops and this proved extremely helpful in focussing where to best use our time before the next live chat.

The best chats are always the ones where there are lots of team members chatting- it really doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned Etsy seller or a newbie:  every opinion counts.

It would be great to hear what other team members felt about the Review, particularly if there is any constructive criticism.

Even though I'm unsure when the next module will be, I'm looking forward to the next Dorset Team Etsy School live chats already! 


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