Thursday, 3 December 2015

Be an Expert - Selling face to face

Our Christmas Fair is fast approaching so team member Lynn has put together this fantastic advice on selling face to face at craft fairs in the runup to our Xmas Fair.
'People buy things from people they like.' So help them to like you! Smile, be friendly but not overwhelming, let your enthusiasm and expertise for your chosen craft and your products shine through.
Don't waste time justifying your prices and NEVER apologise for them. Focus instead on the unique selling points that your products have. Tell people about the skill and work that goes into product X, or what your other customers really like about product Y.
Stay positive. Hard to do, especially when you have done your best with preparation, products and layout and STILL nothing is selling. Switch to treating the event as an advertising opportunity. Talk to people, hand out business cards and flyers, ask for feedback, ask what they'd like to see on your stall next time they come to a Dorset Team fair.
And yes, this is a Team fair, so be Team-minded. If you don't have exactly what a customer is looking for then perhaps another Team member might? Refer, recommend, suggest. At this particular event the other stallholders are your community rather than your competition - a sale for the Team is still a sale for a local small business rather than a chain store or website. Tell customers about Dorset Team, who we are and what we do. Help out other stallholders by keeping an eye on their stall for them if they need a break. We're all in this together!

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