Monday, 8 February 2016

Community News: Changes to Etsy Search and Sellers Advisory Board

Photo Credit: Dorset Team member Caz from Seemingly Possible

Changes to Etsy Search
Etsy are doing another round of tests with a view to 'tailoring' search results to the individual shopper based on their Etsy browsing and purchasing history. This means that the search results seen by one person will not necessarily be the same as those seen by another, even if they both use identical search terms. 
At present they are not suggesting we need to make any changes to our titles and tags but if you have been used to checking where your own items appear in a search, you won't necessarily get meaningful results any more. The best you can do is to log out of your own account and use the search 'incognito' so the results aren't affected by your browsing history... Read more in the Etsy announcement here: - this post has links to further resources and information.

Seller's Advisory Board
Congratulations to Team Captain Rachel on being asked to be part of the 2016 Seller Advisory Board - only 15 sellers worldwide were selected to be part of this group so it's an amazing achievement! Rachel will be heading to New York in March for her first meeting. Read more about the new Advisory Board here:

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