Thursday, 16 February 2017

Be An Expert - Looking Ahead - Targeting Special Occasions

We're all pretty good at thinking about Christmas when planning ahead for our Etsy shops, right? What about the other key dates and special occasions during the year? Valentine's Day has just passed, but there's still plenty of other occasions you can be planning for. You may think of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter... but what about all the other key dates?
Make sure you investigate events that could be important to your target market. Is your ideal customer a mum with school-age kids? Make sure you think about teacher's gifts at the end of the school year, or back-to-school items in September. If your customers are festival-lovers don't forget about Glastonbury.
Think of seasonal activities - summer is Wedding Season so people will be searching for favours, decorations, gifts, and more. In the autumn customers will start shopping for more cosy, homely items, and you can target Halloween if it suits your shop.
Take a moment to sit down and work out what dates you should be targeting in 2017. You can check this World First key dates for business list here:…/i…/32-key-retail-dates-of-2017/ and for some more wacky ideas check out this Time & Date list of funny dates:
'Chocolate and Mint Day' or 'World Juggling Day', anyone?
Decide whether you need to design new products for your key dates, or whether you just need to tweak your tags and re-arrange your shop in advance of the event. Work out how far in advance you need to do those things (a couple of months at least) and mark them on your calendar now!

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