Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Be An Expert - Workspaces - Make Yours Inspire You

Do you wake up eager to go into your workspace? How does it make you feel when you enter it? Make sure your workspace is inspiring you to be the best Etsy seller you can be!

Etsy regularly has an 'Inspiring Workspaces' feature which you can see here: take a read through to see some beautiful places to create and gather ideas for your own.
If you think you need to sort out your storage a bit, you could make a desk organiser:, if you have lots of vinyl to store you could use Ikea bag holders like this crafter: or maybe you could make a magnetic spice rack: then fill it with buttons or beads?! What ever your storage need there's sure to be a DIY solution!
Share your inspiring workspaces or storage solutions using the #DorsetTeam hashtag on Instagram and Twitter so we can see too. You can also check out the #DorsetTeamDesks hashtag to see some desks and craft rooms that members shared in January!

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