Sunday, 24 August 2014

Etsy Explained

For anyone unsure of what Etsy is, here is a brief explanation.
Etsy is an online marketplace for individuals to run their own shop.  

Most shops showcase items made by craft makers/designers/jewellers etc.  Other shops can sell vintage items or supplies or a mixture of all three.

Etsy continues to grow and boasts shops from all over the world allowing buyers an opportunity to shop for truly unique items.

To take a look at the site, please head to the following address:

If you are interested in starting your own shop, it's really simple and the website provides information on this.  Once you have created a shop, it is well worth having a look at 'Teams'.  The Teams are communities you can request to join and are categorised for example, by area or type of craft.

The Dorset Team is a community where all members are based in Dorset and each have an online Etsy shop.  The Dorset Team is run by volunteers and now has over 300 members.  If you wish to become part of the Team, please don't hesitate!

There will be a post soon with more information about the Dorset Team including all the benefits of being part of such a great community!


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