Friday, 11 September 2015

Product Feature - David from Beneath Bright Waters

This beautiful hand editioned print by David from Beneath Bright Waters is our featured product for today. David is part of the Dorset Team and was a stallholder at our 2014 Christmas Fair.

The print is one of three prints which forms part of David's 'Upsteam' set and was inspired by a season spent fly fishing on the beautiful chalk streams in Dorset including the River Piddle.

David says, "I'm lucky enough to fish the river Piddle, in Dorset, England, a perfect example of an English chalk stream. It's always a privilege and a delight to be stood on her banks casting a fly at the wild brown trout that lie beneath her bright waters.

My prints are the result of days spent by the river over the last few years. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family. Occasionally there's a picnic, often a beer, but there's always a smile as I squint through the sunlight on the lookout for rising trout. 

There's no better feeling than reaching down and releasing a beautiful, perfectly finned and spotted small trout back into the gin clear water lapping around your ankles."

David's work is hand drawn and then hand printed. Each print is limited edition so they make for a really beautiful and unique gift. David is based in Wareham in Dorset and his Etsy shop can be found at

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