Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Be An Expert - Forward Thinking - Wholesale For Christmas

Etsy recently published this Seller Handbook guide to Wholesale Christmas Prep: Even if you don't sell wholesale yet it's an interesting read to give you ideas for the future!

Could you dip your toe into wholesale this Christmas by asking a local gift shop if they will stock a few of your items? It could be the start of something big! If you want to look into wholesale more you can check out the Indie Retail Academy website for some more advice:
Even if you never want to sell wholesale, you can still take some useful tips from the Seller Handbook article to apply to your own shop:
- Change pitching stockists to pitching you mailing list - get you Christmas Gift Ideas emails ready
-Focus on packaging - think about offering gift packaging to your customers during the Christmas season
- Set up order deadlines - have a think now about what you will do if you get busy, and when people need to order by to get their item for Christmas
- Stock up to snag last minute orders - make sure you have enough 'blank' product in to keep making new things as your items sell, whether it's balls of wool or vintage spoons - make sure you have enough to see you through November!
If we get ready now then Christmas will be easy!

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