Saturday, 2 July 2016

Meet the Seller - Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Ruth from Satis House Five

Name: Ruth
Shop Name: Satis House Five

Located in: Bridport
Sells: Lightboxes, jewellery & supplies for fellow crafters

Maker's Story: I started my shop in 2011 selling mainly Jewellery before discovering a passion for making Light Boxes - this has definitely taken over my creative work and whilst I love working with different types of media (paper, metal, fabric, etc) the boxes are now my main focus.

I have only been making Light Boxes since 2014. This was a complete accident as I came upon the idea completely by surprise: having reluctantly agreed to accompany my husband into an old Photography shop, there was an old dusty box of Magic Lantern Slides. I completely fell in love with them and decided I had to do something with them to bring them back to life. I decided that the slides needed to be lit in order to bring them back to life. From there, I then developed the vintage style light boxes - instead of using slides, I use images I love that are printed on a thick tracing paper.
I make all boxes from scratch, I can do custom orders too. My next project is to create Light Boxes using 35mm slides so watch this space!
Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm and it is free entry.
For more information please see our Facebook event page or blog post

Dorset Team Christmas Fair: Ruth will be selling her wonderful lightboxes, jewellery and supplies at the Dorset Team Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd December at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.
Please come along, meet Ruth and our other makers and sellers.

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