Monday, 1 December 2014

Make your stall pop with colour

Christmas fair inspiration tip
Make your stall pop with colour

When thinking about your stall display, no doubt your first thought was white. There is nothing wrong with white, but if it was your first thought you can bet it was other stall holders' first thought, which means you risk blending in with the crowd.

Using colour for your main display doesn't have to be scary. In the example below, mixing blue and orange (with a touch of white) has made an eye-catching yet coherent display.

Blue and orange are opposite each other on the colour wheel, and any colours that share this position will always work together. Having the blue repeated on props that are all over the stall helps with the cohesion - if it was just in one area in might look odd.

And despite the fact the table cover has an intense pattern, because the table top is actually quite clear - most items are displayed vertically - it doesn't look too busy.

To see this original pin, as well as others, visit here.

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