Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Sellers Spotlight

With less than 1 week to go until our big Dorset Team Christmas Fair, we thought it would be a great idea to place some of the attending sellers in the spotlight!  A real way to get to know both the designer/creator and to also see some of their work.
Our first seller is Sarah Ricketts from Delicious Bits - In her own words;

Type of Items sold
Bright, original jewellery, cards and prints

How and why did you get started. What are your inspirations?
I have always been creative and love to spend my spare time crafting although jewellery making became a passion around 5 years ago. I did the odd craft fair but didn’t really imagine taking my jewellery making more seriously until I discovered I could sell online with Etsy. I had a good read through the set up guide and it didnt look too tricky so decided to set up my shop a couple of Christmases ago and have never looked back. 

Top 3 reasons to start an Etsy shop
1. Simple and cost effective. 
2. Great opportunities to work with other like-minded crafters
3. The fantastic community I have met since joining

Top 3 tips for new sellers
1. Take great clear photos in focus
2. Make sure you write up detailed descriptions of your items
3. Check your postage costs cover sending your items abroad

Description of shop:
A combination of original, bright, chunky jewellery and modern cards and prints

Sarah's social media links;


Our second seller is Danielle Janes from Chibi Chi Designs - In her own words;

Type of Items sold
 Predominantly paper cuts, but we also sell prints, cards, jewellery and gift bags too!
How and why did you get started?
It started with a hand made anniversary gift for a family member.  It was a family tree paper cut that when shared on facebook started a flurry of requests.  Before I knew it I was getting messages from people asking me to create them presents, gift bags and even cards, I quickly needed an official business.  Thus Chibi Chi Designs was born.
What are your inspirations?
My main inspirations are cult classic books and movies.  Myself and Mr Chibi Chi are quite geeky, this is why you will find such a variety of items in our shop; from Alien inspired cards, right through to Alice in Wonderland paper cuts.
Top 3 reasons to start an Etsy shop
It's one of the simplest ways to have your very own online selling platform.

You are connected with buyers from all other the world (The majority of our orders are to the US)

There is a real sense of community with the other sellers and I am fortunate enough to have made some great local friends!
Top 3 tips for new sellers

Make sure your pictures look professional, take multiple shots of your item from all angles and ensure they are on a clear, clutter free background.

Although it can seem daunting, get to grips with keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it is this and your photographs that will help your items be found and hopefully sell.

Be patient!  Rather than sitting on your laurels waiting for the orders to come in, use the time to create and list new items, hone your photography skills and tweak those descriptions, it will pay off I promise.
Description of shop:
If you need a personalised gift that really shows how much someone means to you, Chibi Chi Designs is the shop for you.  We have been fortunate enough to make bespoke Anniversary paper cuts, Wedding gifts and even pregnancy presents too.
Danielle's Social Media Links;

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