Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Organise your money

Christmas fair countdown tip
Organise your money

Yes, a craft fair is about meeting people and building connections and getting feedback, but it is also about making the moolah. So it pays to consider how to handle money – it's one of those things that you take for granted until you get to the fair and realise you've got in a right pickle!

Having a money tin is a neat solution but it does mean you are leaving all of your takings, plus your float, in one portable place. You can't always keep your eye on it when dealing with customers, so it's best to keep your money on you.

A money belt (or apron with pockets) is a good solution. But be aware that if you end up with lots of change, it can start dragging down, so make sure your skirt or trousers are on tight!

A better alternative is a small bag. You can buy special money bags, but you only need a cheap over-the-shoulder job. If it has lots of pockets, organise your different notes or coins into these. Otherwise you can use bank bags or even a wallet.

Now is also a good time to sort out your float. To avoid jangling like a slot machine, look at your prices to determine what kind of change you need. Pound coins, 50ps and 10ps are probably all you need for change, but also ensure you have £5 and £10 notes. You can make a good guess of how people will pay (and therefore what change you will need) by looking at your prices. Just ensure that you have a record of how much you put in for the float!

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