Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Make a sign for your stall

Christmas fair countdown tip
Make a sign

If you haven't already done so, it's time to make a sign for your stall with your shop's name on it.
Your stall is a physical advert for your shop, so it is vital that people know who they are buying from, otherwise how can they find you in the future when they want more of your amazing products?!

Make your sign out of anything – wood, painted fabric, bunting – but try and tie it in with what you are selling. For example, if you make bunting, then use that. If you make cards, string some together to spell out your name.

When it comes to displaying your sign, an obvious place is on the front of your stall. You can sew or stick something onto your cloth cover, but be careful where you do so, otherwise if you are at another show with a stall of a different size, your name could get distorted.

Another option is to have an extra piece of cloth to lay over the middle of the stall, kind of like a runner. Put your shop name onto this and it doesn't matter what size table you are faced with.

One problem with putting your name on the front of a stall is that when people are milling about, they won't always see it. To get round this, you could make a small sign that sits on your stall, maybe as part of a display with your business cards (if you are feeling really handy).

Alternatively, take to the skies. Displaying your shop name above you is the best way to get it noticed. You don't need anything more than two pieces of dowling or 2x1 timber, and a couple of clamps to attach to the table legs. Just make sure it is high enough for you not to get tangled in it!

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