Sunday, 16 November 2014

Use colours in your display

Christmas fair countdown tip
Use colours in your display 

Colour is a powerful tool. It can affect and enhance mood and so is an important consideration when planning your stall.

If your logo uses colour, then you already have a template for which hues to pick. But even if this is the case, don't be afraid to use a different colour if it enhances your products.

Although white is always a safe bet, it might not actually be doing you any favours if your products have lots of white in them. Rather than pop, they will instead blend with the background. Maybe try a mid-dark grey. You'd be surprised at how it will recede while the colours in your products come to the fore.

And if you have a neutral grey (ie one that isn't cool or warm), then it can happily be teamed with any other colour without clashing.

There's no harm in changing the colour used on your stall from fair to fair, as long as you do keep brand cohesion with things such as logos and general styling. Maybe keep your table cover the same colour each time, but alter the colour of your containers.

If you do fancy dabbling in colour, the good news is that it's really easy to paint on pretty much anything these days. Annie Sloan's chalk paint is manna from heaven for anyone who can't be bothered to sand and prime surfaces. Just paint it on and you're away! Alternatively Rustoleum's Painter's Touch spray is easy to use and is suitable for all conditions – great if you are planning on exhibiting outside.

So don't always plump for the vanilla option – there's a whole world of colour to explore!

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