Saturday, 22 November 2014

Advertise custom orders

Christmas fair countdown tip
Advertise if you take custom orders

People love products that are customised to them, but that's a bit of a tricky thing to base a stall around (unless you can do something there and then).

But to not advertise the fact you create customised products is such a wasted opportunity. One option is to have a generic version of what you customise (let's say a pet portrait) and then display it along with a sign saying something like 'Ask about my custom pet portraits'.

If you have an example of a previous commission, then it would be nice to also display this.

If someone shows interest in placing a custom order, work out how you want to approach this. The easiest would be through your Etsy shop, but that relies on the person bothering to follow up and place an order.

The best way is to get the customer's email address and then you instigate the follow-up. Since this is a Christmas fair and people will probably be desperate for last-minute gifts, also ensure that you take a calendar along. That will ensure you don't overbook yourself in a flurry of fair excitement!

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