Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Keep records of stock

Christmas fair countdown tip 
Keep a record of stock and sales

Now you are well into your fair-making frenzy, create a stock list of what you have and how much you are taking. Also note how much it costs.

Then, when you are at the fair and make a sale, simply tick it off the list.

This serves three purposes. Firstly, it enables you to check that everything adds up at the end of the show, both in terms of what stock is left and how much was made.

Secondly, it clearly shows, in black and white, which products and price points were the most popular. If you do this over a number of shows and it's the same pattern every time, you have a good business model to make your next show super-successful.

And thirdly, it's just fun ticking off when you sell an item.

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