Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Craft insurance - boring but essential

Christmas fair countdown tip
Sorting craft insurance

We will say it from the start - this is not going to be the most exciting tip in the world. Not even close.

But if you want to take part in craft fairs - especially our Christmas fair - you need to get hold of public liability insurance. This protects the venue from anyone suing them as a result of damage caused by you, so it's best to get it sorted as soon as possible.

There are a lot of specialised insurance companies (with really ugly websites!) who offer this service for craft fairs, and to get you started we have a little list of some of them below. Please always read the policy details and ensure you get the cover to suit you. Other options include product liability cover and stock insurance. It's also worth checking which company underwrites the policy. If it is one you have never heard of, proceed with caution!

One other important thing to note - it's surprising how many companies don't offer online applications. While not a big thing in itself, it does mean that it will take longer to organise, so don't leave it too late!

And please remember that once organised, pass on proof of insurance to Rachel (Dorothy Days).

Mainly for market traders, but also craft fairs, it has a combined public/product liability solution for £48 a year. You can also put two names on the policy.

Graham Sykes
Has a range of options, starting from £37.85 a year.

LRO Insurance
Basic premium covers public, product and employers liability for £40.40 a year, but also offers daily cover for one-off fairs.

Become a member of this artist network for £36 a year and get public and product liability insurance thrown in!

Ian W Wallace
Products for individuals or groups, starting at £71 a year.

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