Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Create an interactive display

Christmas fair countdown tip
Create an interactive display 

The beauty of exhibiting at a fair is that customers can see and touch your products. For some, this makes all the difference between just being interested in something and actually making a purchase.

If you sell items that can be worn or products that are used, such as smellies, then make sure people can try them out. Have tester pots ready for people to have a good sniff at, or help customers try on scarves or hats. Don't forget to take a mirror so people can see how spiffy they look.

And finally, if you do sell clothes, jewellery or accessories, make sure you are wearing your products. It's the best kind of advertisement! Also, if possible, take along some current projects to work on. Customers are interested to see how you work and it helps add interest to your stall.

Whatever you are working on, don't forget to post updates to the Facebook event page

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