Friday, 14 November 2014

Be descriptive

Christmas fair countdown tip
Be descriptive

When selling online, a golden rule is to leave the customer in no doubt as to what an item is. So we all take loads of photos to portray texture, size, detail and use.

While the first three of these are obvious when a product is being seen in the flesh, it doesn't hurt to still deal with the final one.

Not everyone feels comfortable asking questions, and so including a few words to describe what a product is does no harm. It doesn't have to be anything more than something like 'Liberty fabric bunting'. You can do this on your price tags if there's room.

Also, if your product has a specific use, demonstrate it. If that is impossible, consider using photos to show it in action. Hopefully you can use images you have taken to put on your Etsy shop, and it all helps the customer visualise how they can use the item in their own home. A cushion looks lovely on a stall, but an image showing a bunch of cushions on a beautiful sofa sells the lifestyle!

And shall we just ignore the fact that there are only three weeks left to go?!

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