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Tips for displaying prices

Christmas Fair countdown tip
How to display prices

Deciding on the prices of your products is one of the hardest decisions to make, closely followed by how to display the prices!

Go too small and you risk people not buying anything because they are too embarrassed to ask how much something is, or they can't be bothered. Go too large and you look like a supermarket.

Here are a few tips to get you on your way. Obviously the final styling is up to you, but it should fit in with your brand, in order to achieve marketing nirvana!

Get real-world inspiration

The next time you are out shopping, pay attention to how the prices are displayed. Pick a shop that has the same kind of feel as your business (even if it's how you wished you felt!) and translate (steal) their ideas into your own display. You'll soon see what works and what doesn't.

Save time - use removable price labels

At Studio Pickles we are a big fan of using luggage tags as a way of displaying prices. We attach them with small wooden clothes pegs and make sure to remove them once a sale is made. This is hopefully construed by the customer as us removing unwanted extras, but in reality it is born out of laziness - the tag can be reused on another item, which saves us writing them out each time!

Group items

It's surprising how long it takes to write out prices, so if you have a bunch of items with the same price, consider grouping them and having just one big price label. If the items are all different, try to give a reason for why they are all together - maybe 'pocket money presents' or 'secret santa gifts'.

Have a 'cheat sheet'

If you have lots of different items with different prices, keep a list of everything at the back of the stall to quickly refer to. That looks more professional than asking the customer how much it costs! If you have large price labels, you can also write them on the back.

Keep the prices facing out

It sounds obvious, but it's surprising how quickly a few browsing hands can disrupt your beautifully arranged stall. Make frequent checks to ensure all the price labels are standing front, centre and proud!

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