Saturday, 14 November 2015

3 weeks until our Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Etsy Made Local

Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Please feel free to share this graphic on your own social media pages!

It is just 3 weeks until our Dorset Team Christmas Fair! Hope you are all as excited as we are! We have been enjoying seeing all your photographs of your work in progress products, fair preparations, demo stall layouts and sneak previews! Please keep them coming and remember to share @etsyuk with the hashtags #etsymadelocal and #dorsetteam 

We will be sharing some of the posts using the hashtags and Etsy are keeping an eye out and sharing some of the posts too!

Word about the fair is spreading fast and it has been fantastic to see the numbers on the event page grow daily

Hope all your preparations are going well. We have some fantastic blog posts from last year that will help you prepare for the team fair or any other events that you might be doing.

You can find more blog posts by searching back through our team blog.

Can't wait to see you all at the fair!

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