Monday, 2 November 2015

Community News - Etsy Community

Want to get more involved with Etsy and influence its future?
Last week, Etsy launched the Seller Advisory Board, a new group which will include 15 sellers from around the world who will advise Etsy on matters facing our community

To find out more about applying to be part of this, along with other ways to get and stay involved with Etsy, take a look at the following link.

You can also stay involved at a local level through the Dorset Team. 

If you already have an Etsy account and want to join our team please click here:

We have an active team forum with a range of different topics.

We also are active on social media you can find us across social media by searching #DorsetTeam please take a look, share, comment and like.

We run #DorsetTeamTips every week for our top tips for being an Etsy seller too.

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