Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Be an Expert: Last U.K posting dates for Christmas!

Photo Credit: Dorset Team member Sophia's personalised Christmas sacks 

Christmas is fast approaching so if you run your own Etsy shop planning and timing is crucial!

One question we get a lot in the run up to Christmas as shop owners is 'When is the last day that I can order and still get my gift by Christmas'. Each year Royal Mail put out a recommended last postage date for Christmas. This is really useful to use as a guide. You then need to plan what date you want to work to (do you want to work right up to Christmas or are you heading away so need a cut off date before then), how long will it take you to make things and does that leave you enough turn around time (It is no good someone ordering the day before the deadline and it takes you 1 week to make each item!) and how much stock do you currently have made up.

For 1st class items being sent to the U.K the last postage 21st December.

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