Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gorgeous Greens: Treasury Tuesday Themes and Twitter Chat Recap and New Theme

Hello lovelies! It's that time again in the week! Treasury Tuesday theme time and Twitter Chat!

Last week's Treasury Tuesday theme was Afternoon Tea and there were some lovely treasuries created. In case you still aren't sure what a treasury is or what one even looks like, here's a link to an example by our own Rachel of TheDorothyDays. One treasury a week is featured on the blog so why not go ahead and make one this week with the theme Gorgeous Greens? You could be featured! Don't forget to post your treasury link to the forum thread on Etsy and also share it on twitter and other social media with the hashtag #dorsetteam for sharing around social media.

Our Twitter Chat last week, for those of you who were unable to attend, was a social chat. We had a blast getting to know one another, those of us who participated, and it was lovely to just connect on a different level other than just tips and tricks for our Etsy shops. It is just as important to make personal connections with fellow sellers and also with customers as it is to help each other out with tips about selling on our preferred platform. Personal relations are vital to making our businesses flow. My favourite question of last week's chat was 'What is the story behind the name for your shop?" Our answers ranged from being inspired by poetry, to being inspired by names of the past, to realising just who we were making things for and finding inspiration in that (as KnittedbyAuntyEmma did), to finding inspiration in your cultural identity as was the case for our very own MissPajuCraft who originally hails from Venezuela.

All in all, we had a lovely time getting to know one another and more friendships were formed as a result. This week's Twitter Chat theme is: Selling at Events.

If you have done so in the past, are considering doing so and even if you've never sold at an event this Twitter chat is worth checking out and getting in on. I am certain that the veterans of the team who have had lots of experience in this will be most helpful in giving us pointers, helping us know what things are do's and don'ts of selling at events and will be open to discussion on things that are just not easy to wrap our heads around.

So, just to remind you one last time of the themes and schedules for today:

Treasury Tuesday: Gorgeous Greens and you have all day to make yours.
Twitter Chat: Selling at Events; be sure to get on Twitter for 7:30pm and that you are following @DorsetTeam and use #dorsetteam hashtag when replying to questions so everyone can interact.

Look forward to seeing you on there and to seeing your treasuries!



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