Saturday, 6 August 2016

Meet the Seller - Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Danielle from Chibi Chi Designs

Name: Danielle
Shop Name: Chibi Chi Designs
Located in: Poole
Sells: Paper cuts, prints and personalised keepsakes

Maker's Story:
The name of my shop was inspired by my two little furry monsters Boo and Cookie. Chibi is a style of (usually) Japanese animation, it's true definition is little, small or tiny. Chi is an abbreviation of Chihuahua.
 I really wanted to incorporate my doggies into the store as I spend most of my working day with them. I never tire of their hilarious antics and their sweet personalities are a constant source of inspiration. It usually starts with an idea. I can picture the design I want, I then just have to use my computer software to translate it from my mind and onto the screen. 
 I have to figure out how to make boxes and bags work, and how to ensure that paper cuts are all inter-connected and will hold their structure once cut. Once the digital design is ready, my computer is hooked up to my cutting machine and it works its magic! I then have to carefully finish off the design before finally being wrapped and sent to it's new home.

Dorset Team Christmas Fair: Danielle willl be selling her Paper cuts, cards, prints and boxes at the Dorset Team Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd December at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.

Please come along, meet and our other makers and sellers.

Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm and it is free entry.

For more information please see our Facebook event page or blog post

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