Saturday, 27 August 2016

Meet the Seller - Dorset Team Christmas Fair - Soph Kinsley from Indie Willow Dorset

Name: Soph Kinsley
Shop Name: Indie Willow Dorset
Located in: Bournemouth Dorset
Sells: Fair trade small leather goods and scarves.

Maker's Story:

In January 2015 I made the decision that I was going to create my own craft business, something I had wanted to do from when I was a teenager.

Whenever I had the opportunity I would draw designs for leather goods at my kitchen table in Dorset. I would then methodically make each design up as a prototype in card to check they worked and would be really usable! 

Fair Trade is an essential part of the Indie Willow Dorset ethos . When you buy our products you are buying handmade goods from artisans who hand craft each individual item using age old traditional techniques. In an age when everyone wants a bargain it is a sad fact that 'bargains' can often be to the detriment of the people making them. 

Buying our products ensures that our Indian artisans receive an exceptionally good wage to enable them to support their families. It affords them honest and fair working hours, it affords them excellent working conditions and prevents them from spending unholy hours slumped over a machine earning peanuts for their exceptional skills.

Dorset Team Christmas Fair: Soph from Indie Willow Dorset will be selling Fair Trade leather goods and scarves  at the Dorset Team Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd December at the Allendale Centre in Wimborne.

Please come along, meet Soph and our other makers and sellers.

Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm and it is free entry.

For more information please see our Facebook event page or blog post

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